Engineering work is now carried out by a separate company, S.M.R. Engineering Services Limited.

We have a fully equipped workshop able to undertake most repair and manufacturing tasks for miniature railways.  In the past we have built new engines and rolling stock, restored old engines, sourced and supplied complete railways and much more.


For Sale

Open Coaches to Suit 10¼” Gauge Railways

We will shortly be batch building replacement open coaches for the Watford Miniature Railway, and are taking expressions of interest for more coaches to be built as part of the batch.

Based on the existing design in use at Watford but with updates to take account of modern engineering methods, they will provide high density passenger capacity ideal for busy commercial railways.  Although designed for 10¼” gauge, they can also be built to 7¼” gauge.

Guideline Prices (N.B. these are estimates and may be subject to change)

2 Coach Articulated Set, unbraked £ 2490
3 Coach Articulated Set, unbraked £ 3470
4 Coach Articulated Set, unbraked £ 4450
5 Coach Articulated Set, unbraked £ 5430
3 Coach Articulated Set, air brakes fitted to 2 bogies £3870
4 Coach Articulated Set, air brakes fitted to 2 bogies £ 4850
5 Coach Articulated Set, air brakes fitted to 4 bogies £ 6230
Unbraked Bogie £ 330
Air Braked Bogie £ 480